Multifaceted Artist Finds Love in Hip-Hop

By Mia Barnett

DJAYVOYN X is a family oriented and business-minded artist that takes pride in having a multifaceted sound. Part of his name was inspired by an African name, although he made it his own by adding the D that stand for determination.

A music class that DJAYVOYN X took during his sophomore year of high school drew his attention to music, he began writing lyrics and yearning to learn more fundamentals of music. His love for poetry matured him as an artist as he began applying his poetry to music, including genres such as soul and gospel.

Although, Hip-Hop has always been in DJAYVOYN X’s heart and he expressed this love through breakdancing. His music did not turn to Hip-Hop until his sister urged him to give it a try. The efforts of his sister paid off; as DJAYVOYN X has made smooth grooves such as Heavy and Roll with You featuring Big Al and Stunn. DJAYVOYN X says, “I want to uplift and relax my fans.” He has a new single coming out called, Gotta Get It, that expresses the importance of “waking up and getting what you want.”

“I have gotten strong in my writing and delivery, but I have a lot to learn- we all do. I am learning the business side of things by doing my homework and attending a lot of conferences that include people that have already made it in the industry. I met Madd Links networking at a conference once, I took a photo with him and that was remarkable for me.”

When DJAYVOYN X doesn’t have a mic in his hand, he’s spending time with his family, drawing or working with his family tobacco business. But, “music is what keeps me going….without music I’d be lost, he proclaims.

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